Trouble in the Shape of a Girl (miss_adventure) wrote in veggiegoth,
Trouble in the Shape of a Girl

Product Review: Vegetarian Shoes

My beloved old Gripfasts recently fell apart after years of abuse; because I don't buy new leather I replaced them with a pair of look-alike 14 eyelet boots from Vegetarian Shoes. Thus far, I love them. Unlike Gripfasts, which left my feet feeling as though they'd been attacked my pirahnas for the first several weeks I had them, the veg boots were comfortable right out of the box, with no band-aids or molefoam required. They are, however, quite water-resistant and the leather-look microfibre uppers with double and triple stitching at the seams seem sturdy enough to last for a few years. They have nice, thick, bouncy rubber lugged Airseal soles which feel like extra-cushiony Docs. Oh, and they're made in England in a sweatshop-free factory. The only quibbles I have are that I had to leave them to air out by an open window the first night I had them, as they give off a weird formaldehyde scent (luckily, it had faded overnight) and that they are rather wide, with a lot of room inside, so if like me you have narrow, low-arched feet you'll pribably want to add a pair of arch-supporting insoles to fix that problem. They run a full size large. It took ten days from date of order to delivery in the States, which is pretty reasonable. I'm considering ordering a pair of the ten-eyelet green boots next time I have some spare cash.
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