Libby (spangle_kitten) wrote in veggiegoth,

Veggie sandwitches..

I'm conducting a bit of a survey...

Whenever I don't have time to make lunch I'm really stuck for what I can eat.

The only vegetarian sandwiches I can ever find are cheese ploughmans (often very very high fat, Marks and Spencers' ones are 36g) plain cheese (boring) Egg mayo (ok for some, but I have an egg allergy) and cheese and tomato.

Premade salad wise it's a similar situation. Only about 3 are ever suitable.

Then you can go to made to order shops like Subway. I used to love them until I realised that the meat products were one end and they were picking up meat to put in a sandwich then picking up the veg transfering bits into the veg. This may be local to my one, but where I used to live the meat was the other end so wasn't a problem.

I have more problems as I'm allergic to onions and garlic too, but the question is what shops local to you stock veggie sandwiches, which ones do they stock, how do you find cross contamination in made to order places?

And can anyone ever find anything vegan friendly?

Also, where do you reccommend to get premade food? I love Pret a Manger, but unfortunately don't have one near me.

I'm mainly interested in the UK, but would be interested in how other countries cater for vegetarians.

Thanks :)
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