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[EVENTS](Chicago) Sat. 10 Oct: VeganMania! 
03:48pm 09/10/2009

- Saturday, 10 October -
Chicago VeganMania is an all-inclusive celebration of the diverse and positive vegan lifestyle. This daylong festival will showcase the unique vegan commerce, culture, community and, of course, food!! The event is open to all (regardless of age, income or diet) and will feature a large vending area with live entertainment, games, contests and art show, a kids area and much more! EarthSave Chicago invites you to join us for this fun and enlightening experience. For more information, please visit: http://www.ChicagoVeganMania.com

Three vegan DJs: Scary Lady Sarah, VeganInBlack & Peter Propaganda will be spinning Ethereal, goth, 80's & Darkwave music throughout the event.

Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, 1419 W. Blackhawk, Chicago
10am - 4pm / all ages / free!
10:33am 13/05/2009
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Last Chance to Enter 
10:41am 17/10/2008
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<a href="http://www.morbidoutlook.com/ target="_blank">Writing Contest at Morbid Outlook!</a>

We have DVD copies of The Undertaker and His Pals to give away, so I decided to run with that theme... We are seeking zany, creepy stories about food and/or cannibalism! Spill some guts and tell us a story that will make our skin crawl! Three winners will be chosen and have their work published in an upcoming issue of Morbid Outlook.

The absolute maximum word limit is 2000. The contest is open to our North American readers only. <b>The deadline is Friday, November 7, 2008.</b>

Email your entry here by pasting it into the body of your email or snail mail it to

Morbid Outlook Magazine
772 Dovercourt Road
P.O. Box 334
Toronto, ON M6H 4E3
12:39am 30/05/2008
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Anyone out there interested in purchasing some great skin care products for a very small price? :)
The line/brand is Collective Wellbeing. They're an all natural skin care line, i have a ton of facial moisturisers for all types plus day creme night creme cleansers and more. Just let me know and i'll tell ya what i have. Can also show you pics. I also have a bunch of natural hair colours. I use one of them on my hair and it works great! high lights and low lights together and no chemicals :)
If you're looking for natural alternatives to beauty products let me know.
Am also having a sale on vitamins of all sorts
most products are about $ 5-10 USD.
11:11am 19/01/2008
Seeking Veggies! 
11:13am 05/11/2007
  Morbid Outlook is seeking folks in the goth scene who are vegetarian or vegan to interview and ask about their favourite recipes for an upcoming issue. Please contact mistress at morbid outlook dot com if interested in participating!  
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Faith and the Muse sanctuary project 
10:54am 15/10/2007
  Faith and the Muse recently toured (last night in London actually) and all the profits are going towards funding their eco-friendly vegan animal sanctuary.



Just thought I'd mention it as I think it's a great project. There's a "donation" option too :)
New LJ Friends 
12:24pm 14/08/2007
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Hi everyone,
I'm a 26 y.o. Persian girl residing in Northern Virginia. I've been a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) for over four years. I am very passionate about animal rights. I'm also into feminism, left politics, environmentalism, gay rights, etc. I love goth and industrial music, as well as some other genres. I love to read, watch movies, write, draw, dance, travel, hang out with friends, and do stuff on the Internet. Also, I am single.
I'm looking to make new LJ friends. Leave a comment if you want to add me. :)
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10:30am 10/08/2007
  A Joint statement by the Vegan Society and Ecover

Ecover respects the mission and values of the Vegan Society who acknowledge that Ecover has 27 years of history as a company dedicated to protecting the environment. The Vegan Society recognizes Ecover as a company of integrity. As such the Vegan Society and Ecover are working together to ensure both organizations’ principles are adhered to.

As a pioneering ecological company, Ecover’s responsibility is to continuously improve the environmental performance of its products. A major challenge in developing an ecological washing and cleaning product is minimizing the effects of its use on aquatic systems. Therefore, the toxicity of these products on aquatic life must be measured.

The Vegan Society was founded in 1944 and seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. The Society understands the word “animal” to refer to the entire Animal Kingdom, that is all vertebrates and all multicellular invertebrates.

The Vegan Society Trademark is an established mark of trust that is recognised everywhere, by all. For products to obtain Trademark registration they must meet the following criteria:
• No animal ingredients. The manufacture and/or development of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative.
• No animal testing. The development and/or manufacture of the product, and where applicable its ingredients, must not involve, or have involved, testing of any sort on animals conducted at the initiative of the manufacturer or on its behalf, or by parties over whom the manufacturer has effective control.
• Genetically modified organisms. The development and/or production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) must not have involved animal genes or animal-derived substances. Products put forward for registration which contain or may contain any GMOs must be labelled as such.

To establish the impact on the aquatic environment Ecover uses aquatic toxicity testing which uses water fleas (Daphnia), as they are present throughout the world in any freshwater system. As far as Ecover is aware there are no alternative tests available that will more accurately measure the impact of cleaning products on the aquatic environment. Ecover far exceeds the EU definition on what constitutes animal testing as Daphnia are invertebrates. The EU definition defines animal testing as the use of vertebrates, past a specified embryonic stage, (or larval stage in the case of fish and amphibians).

Ecover also uses a red blood cell test (Invittox RBC) on a non-systematic basis that uses blood from rabbit farming to test the effect of detergents on mucus membranes (to test skin compatibility).This test is used only in those cases where alternative testing methods are unavailable. Given the shortage of human red blood cells Ecover believes the use of human blood would be unethical. However, as alternative testing methods are continuously investigated, Ecover is confident that the RBC test shall become obsolete over the next few years. The Managing Director of Ecover has stated that if blood is needed for this test in the future he will donate his own blood!

Ecover continually strives to improve its product range against all of their exacting criteria. To achieve this, Ecover is continually developing and testing new ingredients. Ecover do not perform those tests on animals and employ alternative methods. For those ingredients to be included in a product, ingredient suppliers are forced by international law to prove their innocuity.
The introduction of a fixed cut off date at this stage would prevent Ecover from using these new ingredients and advances in their products which are developed in order to further benefit the environment. This is because a fixed cut off date prevents a company from introducing any ingredients that have been developed after this date. Ecover believes that by operating the five year rolling rule, by default, we are upholding our beliefs – we are honest and integral in our approach and will continue to pioneer for the future.

The Vegan Society does not permit the use of the five year rolling rule for Trademarked products and so would not permit any ingredients to be sourced under this system.

Ecover respects the values of the Vegan Society and its members. Yet, as part of the company’s core values, Ecover owes its customers transparency and will continue to hold on to its principles as it has done so for the past 27 years. Thus, our organizations have mutually decided to disagree on these points of principle and consequently, Ecover shall no longer carry the Vegan Trademark. However the Society is happy to let Ecover use existing stocks of packaging printed with our logo.

The Vegan Society assures its members that we will not compromise on our criteria for Trademark registration.
We hope that Ecover will continue to develop non-animal test methods and environmentally sound products which will enable us to work together again in the future.

Both Ecover and the Vegan Society will continue to work on improving ways to promote respect for our environment and society.

A Brief Summary of Facts:

1. Aquatic Toxicity Testing: Ecover undertakes Daphnia testing, as part of aquatic toxicity testing to establish impact on the aquatic environment. This is a recognised test that allows us to monitor our products against one of the key criteria for an ecological product, i.e. its impact on the aquatic environment.

2. Invittox (RBC) Test (Protocol 99): On a non-systematic basis, Ecover has adopted this test as part of its product testing of skin compatibility of detergents. This test is a variation of the red blood cell test (RBC) and allows us to measure the effect of detergents on mucus membranes. The techniques used to conduct this testing can be found on the web site of the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods, under Protocol 99 (http://ecvam.jrc.it/index.htm). A mere 0.5 milliliters of rabbit blood is used as the source of red blood cells to conduct one complete test of a new product. In 2006 and 2007, Ecover performed 0 tests.

3. Ecover Annual Output. In 2006, Ecover’s annual output consisted of 19,625,296 units in liters (l) and 2,587,935 units in kilograms (kg) giving a total of 22,213,231 units produced.

4. Fixed cut off date vs Five year rolling rule.

Some companies operate to a fixed cut off date for ingredients which means none of the ingredients they use have been tested on animals after a certain date. The companies are free to choose that date and may have different dates for different products.
Other companies choose to use the five year rolling rule which means none of their ingredients used in a new product will have been tested on animals in the previous five years. However this is a continually moving date for new product development.
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12:29pm 07/02/2007
  I was in store yesterday, browsing through demonia boots for winter, when I spotted faux suede ones. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they listed real rabbit fur trim!

Why would a shoe company who can't invest in decent shoe material or real sitching, add real rabbit fur????
So far there are 2 boot styles with real fur: Camel 311 Veggie Suede/Rabbit Fur, and the ones I saw in store (can't find the ID number at the moment)

I've been upset with their quality but this is silly. I'm thinking about emailing them but I dont know how effective their customer service is.
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Product Review: Vegetarian Shoes 
04:51pm 20/10/2006
  My beloved old Gripfasts recently fell apart after years of abuse; because I don't buy new leather I replaced them with a pair of look-alike 14 eyelet boots from Vegetarian Shoes. Thus far, I love them. Unlike Gripfasts, which left my feet feeling as though they'd been attacked my pirahnas for the first several weeks I had them, the veg boots were comfortable right out of the box, with no band-aids or molefoam required. They are, however, quite water-resistant and the leather-look microfibre uppers with double and triple stitching at the seams seem sturdy enough to last for a few years. They have nice, thick, bouncy rubber lugged Airseal soles which feel like extra-cushiony Docs. Oh, and they're made in England in a sweatshop-free factory. The only quibbles I have are that I had to leave them to air out by an open window the first night I had them, as they give off a weird formaldehyde scent (luckily, it had faded overnight) and that they are rather wide, with a lot of room inside, so if like me you have narrow, low-arched feet you'll pribably want to add a pair of arch-supporting insoles to fix that problem. They run a full size large. It took ten days from date of order to delivery in the States, which is pretty reasonable. I'm considering ordering a pair of the ten-eyelet green boots next time I have some spare cash.  
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Veggie sandwitches.. 
12:11pm 13/10/2006
  I'm conducting a bit of a survey...

Whenever I don't have time to make lunch I'm really stuck for what I can eat.

The only vegetarian sandwiches I can ever find are cheese ploughmans (often very very high fat, Marks and Spencers' ones are 36g) plain cheese (boring) Egg mayo (ok for some, but I have an egg allergy) and cheese and tomato.

Premade salad wise it's a similar situation. Only about 3 are ever suitable.

Then you can go to made to order shops like Subway. I used to love them until I realised that the meat products were one end and they were picking up meat to put in a sandwich then picking up the veg transfering bits into the veg. This may be local to my one, but where I used to live the meat was the other end so wasn't a problem.

I have more problems as I'm allergic to onions and garlic too, but the question is what shops local to you stock veggie sandwiches, which ones do they stock, how do you find cross contamination in made to order places?

And can anyone ever find anything vegan friendly?

Also, where do you reccommend to get premade food? I love Pret a Manger, but unfortunately don't have one near me.

I'm mainly interested in the UK, but would be interested in how other countries cater for vegetarians.

Thanks :)
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Toronto Vegetarian Restaurants 
02:21pm 08/06/2006
  I was lucky to have spent five days in Toronto. Having not been there in several years (my last trip there was during my pre-vegetarian days), I fell in love with Toronto in general and was happily surprised by the large number of good, fairly inexpensive vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Some highlights:
Vegetarian Haven, Baldwin St just off McCaul, borderline Grange/Chinatown: This place is just wonderful. The food is mostly Pan-Asian-inspired, with all manner of tofu, TVP, seitan, and tempeh dishes. Everything is really fresh and well-prepared. They also have a wide variety of vegan pastries, cookies, cakes, and pies. In nicer weather than I experienced up there (it rained a lot), there is a patio in front for soaking up the atmosphere of Baldwin Street while feasting. Service is very fast and very friendly.

Fresh by Juice For Life, two locations--Bloor St West (Annex) and Queen St West: Juice For Life is a Toronto chain of juice bars. They've opened two vegetarian restaurants which I can't recommend highly enough. I ate there several times, and everything from juices and smoothies to tofu scramble to veggie burger w/sweet potato fries to chickpea stew and kale in coconut curry over brown basmati rice were delicious. Fresh isn't cheap, but it is good for a treat and the smoothies and juices won't break the budget.

Moon Bean Coffee, Saint Andrew St in Kensington Market: They offer a good choice of vegan cakes and cookies (I especially recommend the chocolate cake and banana bread), vegan soups, granola w/soya or rice milk, and other light meals,snacks, and breakfast items. They have many organic and fair-trade coffees, teas, and herbal teas (I can personally vouch for the vanilla green, assam, lapsang souchong, and ginger-rooibos-calendula teas). Fun, progressive atmosphere. Patios front and back (the back patio is perfect for decompressing after the crowds of the Market).

Bo De Duyen 254 Spadina Ave (about two blocks south of Dundas), Chinatown, 2nd Floor: all-vegan Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant. IIRC, nothing on the menu is more than $8 CDN, with most appetizers and mains in the $5 to $6 range. My mock goose appetizer was massive and delicious, if not necessarily healthy: an entire platter of golden deep-fried soya crepe stuffed with tofu, seitan, mushrooms, and various veggies covered in vegan "oyster" sauce. Good noodle soups, too. This one was an obvious favourite of the local subcultural set--I counted no less than three velvet gowns and four mohawks when I ate there. The place is quite large. No atmosphere to speak of (pink and green formica rules here), but good views of Spadina Ave and the prices can't be beat.

I'm head-over-heels in love with Toronto and am planning another trip later this summer, so I'd be happy to hear of any other recommendations. Of course, to get conversation going in this community, I'd be happy to hear about veggie-friendly restaurants in any locale.
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05:09am 15/04/2006

This Easter, Paint a Picture of Compassion

Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to help spread a message of compassion for all animals—both human and nonhuman. Here are some recipe and gift ideas for a cruelty-free Easter celebration that everyone can enjoy.

Animal-Friendly Easter Menu

  • Egg-Free Breakfast Scramble
  • Missing Egg Sandwich
  • Lots of Layers Lasagna
  • Creamy Chocolate Pudding

Vegan Treats to Fill Your Easter Basket with Joy

Very interesting.... 
01:32pm 30/03/2006
  Missouri senator says MAP test prep pushes vegetarianism  
The Quest for the Perfect... 
11:57am 27/03/2006
  vegan chocolate cake and rice pudding. I've been experimenting with a few recipes on vegweb.org and have been adding a little Dark Chocolate Dreams into the chocolate cake. If you are unfamiliar with this stuff, it's AMAZING. Hits the spot if you miss Nutella, and it's a divine combo of dark chocolate and peanut butter, from the Peanut Butter Company on Sullivan Street, here in NYC.

I need a good rice pudding recipe. The latest version I made simply included 2 cups basmati rice, 2 cups soy milk, chopped dates and 3 tbl of sugar. Maybe I should have gone with vanilla soy?

Suggestions, recommendations from anything you've tried?
vegan cheesecake ♥ 
03:00am 15/03/2006
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Vegan Cheesecake

For the Crust
11 graham crackers, ground into fine crumbs (about 1 1/4 cups)
3 Tbsp. granulated cane juice
5 Tbsp. margarine

For the Filling
1 1/2 lbs. tofu cream cheese
10.5 oz. silken tofu
3/4 cup granulated cane juice
2 Tbsp. arrowroot powder
1 Tbsp. lemon zest
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 pint strawberries, stems removed and sliced thin (or substitute your fave fruit)

• For the crust, preheat the oven to 325°F.
• Mix the graham cracker crumbs and granulated cane juice in a medium bowl. Add a dollop of margarine to the mixture and stir with a fork until well blended.
• Transfer to a 9-inch pie pan and make the crust by evenly pressing the crumb mixture across the surface of the pan.
• Bake until lightly browned and firm, about 15 to 20 minutes.
• Let the crust cool completely before adding the filling.
• For the filling, preheat the oven to 350°F.
• Place the tofu cream cheese, silken tofu, granulated cane juice, arrowroot powder, lemon zest, and vanilla in a food processor. Process, scraping down the sides of the bowl several times until smooth, about 2 minutes. Pour the filling into the cooled crust.
• Bake for 50 minutes.
• Turn the heat off, but leave the cheesecake in the oven until the edges are set and lightly browned but the center still wiggles just a bit, about an hour. Remove from the oven and let cool completely.
• Wrap tightly and chill at least 4 hours.
• Remove from the fridge and add strawberries on top right before serving.

Makes 8-10 servings

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Pardon the interruption... 
11:20pm 23/02/2006

I joined the group a bit ago, and have been watching, trying to get a handle on what the standard expectation is for how you meld vegetarianism and goth in this community.

Is it vegetarian recipes? Are they veggie recipes that make for...dark food? (I have some killer chocolate scones, speaking of which).

I joined since I am (or at least consider myself to be) goth (for...much longer than I'd like to think about), and a vegetarian for 4 years...

Anyway. Just trying to get a handle on what this community is about, what kind of posts are appropriate, etc.

Let me know!
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Equine Love 
12:32pm 14/02/2006
Torture Garden 
08:23pm 01/02/2006
  If anyone is planning to go to TG this month, be warned there will be fur in their shows and people are blatantly encouraged to wear it as part of their Animal Love theme. I've emailed them to complain, I hope others will too.